Support the Borgen Project:

by Letters 4 the Damned

Ending extreme global poverty is not impossible and I will be contributing to this cause over the summer. The Borgen Project is a non-profit organization working to solve the problem through raising awareness in U.S. policy. I know, lobbying for the world’s poor, not what you think of when you hear lobbyist is it? As part of my writing position I will be fundraising for the cause and will be accepting donations all summer. Whatever you can give will help so please do not hesitate to contact me w/ donations or any questions you may have. Be a part of the change! Annually it would cost $19 billion dollars to eradicate extreme poverty, America spends approximately $130 billion annually on our war budget alone, this is not the military budget mind you. If you, like me, agree that its time to shift our priorities then you support this cause. It’s time to fight for the underdog! Please contact me with any donations or questions, on my Facebook ( or at my email…Thank you and let’s support the veterans today by doing something that will help end the single largest cause of conflict in the world, poverty.