Moroccan Rapper El-Haqed Jailed for Third Time

by Letters 4 the Damned

RABAT, Morocco — Moroccan rapper El-Haqed “The Enraged” was sentenced to four months in prison and a $1,200 fine on July 8. The artist was convicted of scalping tickets, public drunkenness and assault of a police officer. While these are rational reasons for someone to spend time in prison, there is more to the story than this one incident.

The emcee originally rose to fame in 2011 during the Arab Spring movement for his song “Baraka Min Elskate,” or “Stop the Silence.” The song inspired citizens to take to the streets in protest of Morocco’s monopolization of major industries including phosphate extraction and telecommunications. These economic concerns are reported to still be issues in the country. More @:  Moroccan Rapper El-Haqed Jailed for Third Time Full Article