5 Poverty-Related Causes To Donate To

by Letters 4 the Damned

Clean Water and Sanitation

According to Water.org, lack of access to sanitation is the leading cause of infection in the world. The diarrhea that results from lack of sanitation is the “second leading cause of death among children under five.” What is most disturbing is that most of these deaths could be avoided through basic services.

Sanitation facilities and use of soap would reduce cases of diarrhea by approximately 73 percent. Similar to the rates of hungry people in the world, one out of eight also do not have access to safe drinking water. This amounted to approximately 884 million people in 2010, according to the World Health Organization.

Water for People and The Water Project are two effective organizations that focus on addressing water and sanitation access for the poor. Water for People accepts online donations and The Water Project offers the option of sponsoring a water project.

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