Poverty and The True Costs of Mental Illness

by Letters 4 the Damned

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Isabella was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Isabella was raped by her uncle when she was only four years old. The traumatic incident and memories tormented Isabella through her youth and at the age of 11 she turned to drugs to escape this harsh reality. After she began to threaten suicide, she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the age of 15.

Following her treatment at the hospital and her continued treatment at Children International’s community center Isabella became a peer educator for the organization’s Youth Health Corps. Isabella now counsels and shares her experiences and knowledge with other youth in the area.

Isabella’s story ended positively but for other youth and adults suffering from mental illness in developing countries this is too often not the outcome. The lack of available treatment is not only a burden on the communities and people suffering from mental illness but impacts the global economy and accounts for much of the decrease in global gross domestic product.

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